Страховка для мигранта, ДМС дя патента

Insurance of foreign citizens in Ekaterinburg

  • Policies VMI for migrants

Foreign citizens insurance legislation

Insurance of foreign is regulated by three laws in Russia:


Federal law №114 - The order of in-move/out-move


Federal law №115 - Legal status of foreigners in the Russian Federation;


Federal law №197 - Labor Code of the Russian Federation.


Two other laws have come into effect since 01.01.2015:


Federal law №357 – Amending to the Federal Law on the legal status of aliens in the Russian Federation and certain Legislative Acts;


Federal law №409 – Amending to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and Article 13 of the Federal Law on the legal status of aliens in the Russian Federation related to the labor regulation specifics of employees who are residents of other states or persons without Russian citizenship.


According to the legislative acts, foreigners who wish to work in the Russian Federation need an insurance policy of voluntary health insurance that provides primary health care and specialized medical care in any emergency cases.


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, through its Directive No. 3793U of 13.09.2015, determined the requirements for compulsory insurance of foreigners staying and working in the Russian Federation. The Central Bank set a minimum insured value - 100 thousand rubles. The requirements also touched on the appearance of the policy form, which must be executed on paper with the protection class "B", which has a protective hologram and watermarks.


Since 01.01.2015 you may file your documents to the FMS or MIA only if you have VMI policy. It is also necessary for the citizens of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, who, according to the current legislation, receive a patent for labor activity in the territory of Russia.


In the insurance of other countries citizens we choose partners with a good reputation, namely such an organization is LLC VTB Insurance. We provide a full range of services for the insurance of foreigners in Ekaterinburg in accordance with all standards of the MIA and the Central Bank on the following rates:

An insurance policy for foreign citizens covering the expenses:

  • Specialized medical care in emergency cases

  • First Aid Treatment in emergency cases


The amount is up to 100 thousand rubles.

Documents needed for getting the policy

Documents for registration of insurance policy:

  • Passport

  • Passport translation into Russian

  • Registration at place of residence

  • Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) for foreign citizens

полис ОМС дя иностранца

A foreigner can get the policy of CHI in the Russian Federation only if he has a residence permit or a temporary residence permit. Such kind of policy is issued for free.

To get CHI policy (if you have residence permit) you need:

  • Copy of passport - front side

  • Copy of passport - page with the stamp "Permitted temporary residence" and registration stamp 

  • Insurance number of the individual ledger account

To get CHI policy (if you have permanent residency) you need:

  • Copy of the page with permanent residency stamp

  • Insurance number of the individual ledger account

On the day of reference, a foreign citizen receives a temporary certificate confirming the registration of the compulsory health insurance policy. A plastic card of the CHI policy can be taken after 4 weeks.

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