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Нотариальные перевды документв Перевод Сервис
  • 13 years of service

  • More than 10000 translated documents from \ into different languages

  • Insurance of migrants: 14,000 issued insurance policies

  • Photo, copies

  • Many other services

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  • Ekaterinburg

About us

Фото на патент, фото на докуенты, миграционные услуги
Авиабилеты СНГ
Нотариальный перевод документов Екатеринбург, нотариус, пееводчик, перевод паспорта
ДМС для иностранцев, ДМС дя патента, страховка для патента, страховка для мигранта
экзамен для иностранцев, сертификат по русскому языку, тест по русскому

Our organization provides qualified assistance to migrants and employers, who attracts foreign citizens for working abroad. We provide full range of services related to the solution of migration issues. We also provide comprehensive consulting support in the preparation of the documentation package, which is obligatory for submission to the Migration Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We provide wide range of services:


  • Translations of documents with notarization               

  • Insurance of foreign citizens - policies VMI and CHI

  • Photo and copy services

  • Preparation of documents for a patent, working permit, temporary residence permit, permanent residency.

  • Filling in various forms and applications of migration issues

  • Assembled examination of foreign citizens

  • Flight tickets selling and many other services

Our offices

9, Uchiteley Str.,


(near Park House Mall)


Working hours:

Mon-Fri: 9.00 - 18.00

Sat: 10.00 - 13.00

Phone number: +7 (343) 361-29-41, 328-62-01

миграционное агентство переводы страховки ул Учителей 9
Перевод паспорта ул Сулимова
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Methods of payment:

  • Cash;

  • Cashless settlement with legal entities;

  • VISA, MasterCard, MИР, JCB, Union Pay

Contact us

For more detailed information, please, call +73433612941

or write us info@perevod-service.com

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